The Company

Xanadu Investment (H.K.) Ltd. is an independent Private Equity and Investment advisory  company, focusing on China and South East Asia. Xanadu Investment has been founded in 2000 and is owned and managed by three Partners with a long-term Investment and Advisory experience in Europe and East Asia

As a Private Equity Partnership we invest  into businesses and projects with a distinctive competitive advantage, strong base growth, and stable returns. We invest as well into selected Private Equity Funds focusing on the region.

As an investment advisor we support our clients in identifying, evaluating and negotiating investment opportunities in Private Equity Funds and Real Estate Projects in China and South East Asia.


The meaning of Xanadu

Xanadu was first mentioned by Marco Polo in his descriptions of his journey to China. He refers to it as Changdu, the awesome summer residence of Khublai Khan, the 3rd Mongolian Emperor of the  Chinese Yuan Dynasty. At the time of his journey, the Sino-Mongolian Empire stretched from the shores of the Yellow Sea to the Danube, covering China, Indochina, all of Central Asia and parts of the Middle East, Russia and Eastern Europe. 

Xanadu Investment follows the trails of the ancient Silk Road by supporting Chinese Corporations to expand into Europe through investments and business partnerships. And vice versa we support European investors in identifying great investment opportunities in China and South East Asia through Private Equity investments


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